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Lucheza - Classico

The Lucheza - Classico comes in an arrangement of colors
(nutmeg, slate, white, and purple garnet) and sizes (21, 28,
35, & 43). This superior product is also shatterproof due to its
high quality, UV - resistant plastic. Lightweight, this product
is ideal for interiors and exteriors.
Lucheza - Cubico

The Lucheza - Cubico comes in a arrangement of colors which
include slate, white, purple garnet, and custom to your needs.
Coming in sizes of 22, 30, and 40, this product allows for a wide
range of heights to specifically meet your interior or exterior
design. Like the Classico, this product is made of UV - resistant
plastic and is shatterproof for safety and durability. 
Lucheza - Cube Cottage

The Lucheza - Cube Cottage features a popular wicker appearance
and comes in black, white, mocha, and granite. Ideal for plants with
large root volume, this planter is sized in a 40 & 50 and can be
ordered in a tall rectangular wicker, short Cube wicker, and tall
circular wicker. Plant liners are available for all Lucheza planters for
ease of water control and cleanliness.
Lucheza - Maxi - Cubi

This proven classic design combines elegance and attractiveness
with ease of use and care. These planters are perfect for interior
desk design in reception areas and offices. This product comes in
many colors including white high gloss, charcoal metallic, shiny
taupe, pastel violet high gloss, scarlet, mocha, silver, and espresso
Lucheza - Delta 20

With Lucheza - Delta 20 professional plantscaping includes furniture. In
a wide arrangement of colors and sizes, the Delta 20 brings style to any
interior space. Plant liners can provide protection against water damage
on furniture and equipment. The Delta 20 comes in rose gold, white high
gloss, charcoal metallic, espresso metallic, black high gloss, shiny taupe,
and pastel violet to customize your design needs.
Lucheza - Deltini

The Lucheza - Deltini contains all the same great qualities of its
cousin planters with shatterproof surface, UV-resistant exterior,
and untra-light plastic material. Perfect for desk, this planter is sure
to class up any interior area and comes in many color styles
including rose gold, white high gloss, charcoal metallic, espresso
metallic, black high gloss, shiny taupe, and pastle violet. This
planter also comes in mini.
Duraco - Accent Planters

Designed for strength and durability, Duraco - Accent Planters can
provide the impression of quality at a econimal price. These planters
are made of color molded polypropylene, which allow for light weight
design and easy cleaning.
Riverside Planters

Riverside Planters contain a unique rolled-rim style, coupled with
the appearance of clay. These versatile planters make perfect
additions to any interior or exterior space for their more nature,
earthy appearance without the back-breaking weight of traditional
clay pottery.
Plant Decor Inc. offers beautiful containers
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Shown below are examples of decorative
containers for your interior needs.

More decorative containers are available
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