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Plant Decor Inc.
Bringing Plants & People Together
Our Landscape Consultant will evaluate your
environment, budget, considerations,
traffic-flow patterns, color scheme, decor, and
light levels.
After discussing your ideas and preferences, we present
design plans uniquely suited to your business that will
complement your office space giving you the best foliar
impact, without impeding efficiency or valuable space.
At Plant Decor Inc. we take pride in helping you choose interior plants, that compliment and enhance your office.

Interior Landscaping Services by Plant Decor Inc. includes landscape design proposals, installation, plant care and
maintenance, guaranteed replacement, color rotation, custom-designed arrangements, holiday seasonal color, poinsettia's,
Norfolk pines, cut flowers, silk flowers and plants and beautiful containers to compliment any office.

We are experts at sourcing specimen plants and have access to over 850 different varieties of interior, tropical and patio
plants, as well as beautiful containers to highlight and compliment your interior design.

We are willing to consult with your Architect or Interior Designer to achieve the designer's vision. After carefully
considering the design objectives, we will then present a proposal for your approval.

Once we are given your approval, your plants are transported to your site. Each plant will be placed in its decorative
container complete with top dressing and positioned in its proper location.

Plant Decor Inc. provides once a week, weekly maintenance, to include all watering, fertilizing, pruning, cleaning, and
inspection for and eradication of insects and diseases.

Replacements are guaranteed, immediate, and re-included in the cost of your monthly maintenance or lease fee.

Our color rotation program provides a beautiful, long-lasting alternative to cut flower arrangements.

We provide orchids, bromeliads, mums, poinsettias and other blooming plants, creating a living floral arrangement that
will stay fresh and change with the seasons.

For those areas that are too dark for live plants, our Certified Floral Designer will help you select from a beautiful array of
silk flowers and plants, that will accent the style of your office.

These arrangements can be custom- designed to accent the colors and decor of your office.
Customer Service

Our customers are our business, we are here to serve you.
We can be reached anytime through a phone call at (972) 998-5207 or through our email at

Plant Decor Inc's technicians are always friendly and professional.

All questions, concerns and all problems are handled immediately.